Professional Cartoning machine manufacturer


Service concept:
Good faith commitment, customer first
Service commitment:
Leadwing cartoning machine after more than ten years of development, has formed an effective after-sales service system, and get the support of many customers unit and high praise.In future work, we will continue adhering to the "good faith commitment, the customer is supreme" the service idea;Wholeheartedly for you the following services:
Service project Service commitment
Technical training plan Training programs: the expensive department sent the operation personnel, maintenance personnel, a total of 1-4 people to our company production base for a 7-15 days training, theory combined with practice training method.Relevant training materials, training.
The installation technology services We experienced, very skillful professional engineer to your company equipment installation and debugging, and arrange specialists all-the-way tracking the project schedule and the technical problems in the process of installation.
Emergency treatment ,in case of equipment failure can't solve our 7 * 24 hours technical guidance, to help deal with failure.If your company can't solve the problem of equipment technology and maintenance, after we have received a phone call, to reply within 6 hours, the Chinese mainland arrived at the scene within 72 hours of troubleshooting.
Assurance measures Shelf life is about the cost of the product quality, shall be borne by our company.?
Warranty period due to your improper use, or is caused by the natural environment we provide free repair and maintenance of the materials and parts are only charge the cost price.
Our after-sales service department will answer you at any time to reflect various situation, listen to your opinion and the suggestion.
We will be in the shortest time for you unify the best technical personnel to the expensive unit, for you and solve practical problems, ensure the quality of service, let you really enjoy your rights and interests.
Credibility is the parent of business!Collar cheung will provide customer service to mountains, at thousands of words, not afraid of hardship, do allow customers rest assured on product quality, service make customers happy, let the customer save worry in use process.
Service hotline:
Tel: 0577-0577-6377 3282
Contact: manager zhuo
Phone: 13967719781
Q Q: 663456345
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